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9.1.2019 reclamation / wuji taiji

crystallizations..... a long story but this beautiful piece of quartz was freed into the sunlight and brought back to my warm hands this day holding much meaning with it... given to me by a woman who was a major inspiration to my teenage being and worn near my heart every day at that time... she was a highly conscious and earth-attuned mother, home schooler, veg head, healer and wise woman who had a strong thread of native american lineage in her too... she taught me so much about being a woman, honoring the role, about native spirit lore and practices, about crystals and being in tune with the earth... i watched her four kids often and we genuinely loved being together... and tho the currents shift with those in our immediate presence, this crystal has stuck with me thru and thru... one winter in the early 90's we had a huge ice storm and were sledding and skating in our own yard it was so thick... during outside play with the bunch of kids that was ever present my crystal slid out of the cording that held it around my neck and when i realized i cried buckets as there was nothing but ice and snow everywhere and it looked just like ice - i thought it was lost forever... but miraculously, one of the children found it the next day, in quite a magical way and returned it to me with great joy

today it returned again from another multi-dimensional shift / state change... a quarter of a century later... a symbol of reclamation - wholeness - focus... walked with it in the sunlight and enjoyed its reflections of nature's colors, along with these two quartz points from the mage... this tiny trinity reflects so clearly this timeless crystallization process that is life itself - moments where even in the thick of it, you see how it all comes together so perfectly it blows your mind completely........ while basking in the sun, on a big mossy rock, with wild sunflower and acorns - found delights along the walk... as these crystals spark the imagination for a new cycle, season, change

'when the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found'

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