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8.4.2019 midnight melody

deep summer sounds... midnight in the woods, hanging out on my little cedar deck listening to the many voices in the dark - some i can name some i cannot but all are awesome in this night time song so i try to sing along... hone the drone, practice these tones and have a go at being half as fluid as these unseen beings that are playing their hearts out all around me... inside, the shop is low lit in cool blue light with a single flame in the warmth of this night, some sweet cedar smudge and a devotional vibration for honoring the essence of all creation

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8.2.2019 flying high

the eight month loops around again in the sequence of seasons... plants are lookin a bit toasty from the sun and ragged from various insects birds storms - going to seed and starting to turn brown in this summer time line...... crossing paths with countless creatures reverberating this essence - snake, toad, frog, rabbit, owl - two minty green hummingbirds zooming and chirping from flowers to canopy in less than a blink - cicadas crickets birds and squirrels and foxes and deer and raccoons singing and squealing their crazy tunes... its a calm day of sitting still - and while doing so enjoying these beauties flying around - tiger swallowtail and monarch - very fitting for leo - have seen 3 monarchs in the last 12 days and each time find it auspicious as they were always a more rare site in these parts... the sign of the sovereign - supporting this focus on the free - what it really means to be - free - cuz when you clear the debris - its all you can see

these forms we see as swallowtails and monarchs renewed in presence each season - the same forms but in a new manifestation all the time - a new moment all the time - and they are all flying high above these thinking notions anyway - life animates us in just the same way - renewed in the moment - we are always free to be

pondering the meaning of these digital echoes - why they are - what they do - but the closest i've come is the truth that it is resonance - an echo - a vibration that resonates to define a dimension - a space between this and that inner and outer me and you where quite magical things can occur if we allow them to - we know we are by means of resonance - that we are, where we are, who we are, and even why we are - because why not - what more could one want really than to behold and be held in this embrace of creative expression which is life

and so i sow some musings in the fields of consciousness - fertile as they are - sometimes fierce sometimes friendly but ever and always providing the nourishment needed to be whole - for one and for all

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