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super natural

4.9.2019 super natural

portrait of a rebel.... at the rebel base........ in sole rebels... takin a pic with a digital rebel - loyal companion of many moons... post super natural visitation and epic rites of spring, what a delight to behold this blossoming... at the end of the battle the rebels write a new tune one that sounds so sweet you can't help but move your feet it moves your soul makes you feel whole and that's the role / model of myth making in a bright new season of light and life... amen

for jane robin and rosita

4.4.2019 for jane robin and rosita

a special request by a very sweet soul... tank tops for the heat of north australia... and one for a sincere supporter that i am truly thankful for... some fun summer stuff for some wonderful women... with a side order of sekrit project off on the right on a pretty magical 4.4

blank canvas

4.3.2019 blank canvas

nothing like spontaneous creation - materials just suddenly wind up in your hands and before you know what you're doing you're already doing it - voila, c'est fini - two silky sensual soft blank canvasses ripe for the painting (coming soooooon)

painting the stars

3.27.2019 painting the stars

art projects are like plants and trees - different kinds take different times to grow, mature, blossom, fruit, ripen and cycle thru to maturity..... this one has been growing for about 6 months and is almost there... a mantra of 'paint the stars' as each unique dot finds its place in a series of meditative moments


3.26.2019 cleaning day

major reboot and cleansing going on after one wild wave - still rolling but it broke and is onward to shore at least... there are few things more fulfilling and rejuvenating than cleaning and clearing ones creative environment, to prepare the ground and set the stage for the next act in the play of the great work

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