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3.19 spontaneous equinox occurrences

price less desire less you cannot put a price on the yellow of a spring daffodil on the wind as it moves over you and into you through your breath as your breath as your very life it is price less not just a word to denote a beyond monetary value but an entire dimension of life that is entirely beyond monetary value beyond description entirely beyond thought or words a dimension of such value it transcends all perceptions of it the terms of a new service have broader meaning money less does not mean without exchange without value without currents it means less of it as a central focus in life it means ease up, chill out, step back desire less is not without desire just with less of it as a central focus in life it means ease up, chill out, step back price less is without price it is the central focus of life, in life, for life it means open to the transcendent dive in, step into a deeper experience a deeper dimension of being that realizes value at its source that realizes virtue at its source that realizes vitality at its source that is a source of vitality in universe a fruiting body on the tree of life intent on giving back to this earth that gave us all birth let your seeds sprout and thrive keep this love alive happens thru each breath you take each kind move you make so make like a tree be still be quiet feel your roots in the earth feel your branches reach to heaven be the interface - a living breathing being that generates this miracle we all partake of


3.8 lunations

this moon wave rollin like the breaks at peahi...... webcams on much more frequently as its novelty brings a deep tranquility to my soul... some cool ideas brewing for further frequency exploration too.. nourishing the spirit, nourishing the body, nourishing the mind with wholesome doses of vitality, at every opportunity of intake, for clearest output

'when in the spring the life forces stir again, all things come into being anew - thus in early spring, when the seeds fall to the earth, all things are made ready - this is an image of providing nourishment through movement and tranquility - the superior person take it as a pattern for the nourishment and cultivation of their character - words are movement going from within outward, eating and drinking are movements from without inward - both kinds of movement can be modified by tranquility, for tranquility keeps the words that come out of the mouth from exceeding proper measure, and keeps the food that goes into the mouth from exceeding its proper measure - thus character is cultivated'


pisces . aquarius


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