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solar eclipse 2017

17.08.21: computered her ecliptic
there are moments and there are moments and this was a moment to really reflect on the light and on the darkness which we bridge with our own beings by being present to illustrate the exchange and express it thru our thoughts feelings actions… the bridge between chaos and cosmos built right between the center of our head to the center of our heart, don’t even need to leave the room to create it or cross it and that’s a miracle if u think about it… so its a celestial event to herald a shift, time to take that trek back to the center of your own soul to see what it says and let it lead – direction is everything and there’s no easier place to get to than inward… there’s an order inherent that radiates everywhere you look – the stars and orbital pathways – fundamental forces – principles and universal laws, and tuning into this is as natural as it gets xxx


17.07.07: cascade
a violet flame cascade of purples for a very cool lady… its like an experiment, or working together on an idea that i love most ~ when a person has something in mind and transfers it to me to try and create for them, an ideal lived out… its an honor to have these kinds of exchanges with other human beings, in all sorts of manifestations and roles ~ its not what you do, its why you do it

tenzins sew cool

17.06.16: sewing magic
he loves to take this giant pile of fabric swatches and create collages with them while i sew, pretending to sew himself as he makes these highly artistic patchwork pieces… the stack of colors is like a magnet, and each time he enters the studio he must pick it up and begin to ‘sew’ (a task which he takes quite seriously)… each piece of fabric is carefully placed and the combinations are always pretty amazing… he is a most excellent teacher on how to be truly spontaneous and free, and i marvel at the way he works! it is a blessing of the highest order to be there in a tiny person’s life as they grow, and to grow along side them with love

geo sunflower

17.05.25: volunteer sun flowers
this volunteer sunflower sprouted in one of the pots in the grow dome, and blessed the space with its warm yellow orange aura at the peak of spring… may was a bright month, making lots of bright colored clothes for kind hearted people, hanging out with munchkins in the sun, turtle crossings and bountiful harvests… truly a great deal to be very very thankful for at any given moment

“A drop of practice is better than an ocean of theories, advices and good resolutions.” ~ The Mother

vibrational orgone-ization

17.04.01: vibrational orgone-ization
supreme spring high-lights….. new rhythm synth pads to program and play on, with exceptional responsiveness (you can lay into these pretty hard with sticks, or set the sensitivity to play with your hands!) and another new piece of technology to test out… found these amazing hand crafted orgone generators online, made by a very talented couple in the UK who share their wares here: orgone solutions… after reading up on the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies on our bio-spirit systems from the intense amount of chaotic interference we experience daily with the abundance of devices and electronic fields, these orgone solutions felt very attractive! with its quartz, kyanite, selenite, labradorite, and black tourmaline (among many other magical ingredients!) the pyramid itself is truly a work of art, you really do feel a balancing / grounding in your energy field and it is a joy to just peer into it on a daily basis… its already become a trusty companion for meditation and keeping a clear space, and these come highly recommended!

growing dome goodness

17.03.22: spring things
jump starting spring with a huge harvest of lettuce, kale, chard, spinach and mustard greens, planted the previous fall ~ this is prime time for our growing dome as the conditions both inside and outside the dome are ideal… the dome is half in the woods, so before the trees put out all their leaves in the spring we have the most sun, warmth and openness to grow with, and things do very very well! from february thru june there is an abundance of these fresh picked goodies to enjoy and after 10 years in non-stop year-round operation we can definitely say this growing dome performs quite magically and is quite the organic inspiration!

sketching out the future

17.02.07: sketching out the future
moments of clarity - sometimes it takes a long time to steadily make time to create the kind of space you wanna spend time in... sketching some refinements and making some alignments in this non-linear time-line called life! refillable pens, hemp paper, good music, good vibes, being inspired, looking forward, to everything

twenty seventeen

17.01.09: trinitee
celebrating making it this far - the latest iteration from that which animates the form sets us spinning sets us free to explore inside some pretty stretched out parameters of existence wouldn't u say... gotta love the leap of faith - only way to reach that destination, the one that lets u step outside the polarity by stepping inside the unity that created it in the first place first person first hand knowledge is gained but 1 way, and is completely open source... go for it

blessings to all for a most magical new orbit round the star *

follow your bliss

16.12.31 : follow your bliss
The world will be made better only in proportion as we make ourselves better. The Vedantic truth that the world is only a projection - a function - of our consciousness is as pragmatically true as it is spiritually true. The ills that humanity suffers from - collectively and individually - stem from the errors that lie at the roots of our ignorant nature. We must be cleaned of these evils - individually first of all - it we ever hope to see a clean world outside. A yoga of self-purification is the condition precedent to a yoga of perfection. But, in the end, a Higher Destiny leans over earth's children and its ways are beyond calculation.

An uncompromising sincerity is the surest way to spiritual achievement.
Do not pretend - be.
Do not promise - act.
Do not dream - realise.

The Mother

photo synths

16.10.04 : libra maat
celebrating forty orbits in this present incarnation - reflecting on one wild ride thru the known and unknown universes thru these tele-transmission channels also known as network topologies that have become so common place, yet remain miraculous... not for the faint of heart, getting from one millennium to the next! but here we are, we made it this far... self portrait of the future past gives clues to whats to come for the psychedelic cybernaught ever at the ready to take that leap of faith

photo synths

16.08.12 : photo-synths
working on some new designs - screen printed pieces with cool themes meant to wear like good grooves, made to highlight a good groove in the making... honoring synthesis in all its aspects - photo, electro, harmonic, metaphysic, as still ultimately it all comes from the same source... have made numerous garments for performers, and love to provide unique pieces for such creative activities - masks of eternity, costumes of the form to express the infinite as players on the stage of life, a second skin for the scene we're in - the full line of designs coming soon

16.07.19 : sow it everywhere

xusah clothing compliments a lifestyle in tune with earth and sky - high quality with a commitment to cultivating deep roots and sweet fruits for nurturing true health and harmony, a labor of love for this magic planet / spaceship and all aboard her… this spirit known as cannabis - ancient future guide - teaches us well the power and value of one tiny seed when planted with care… teaches us how to transcend limitations, to communicate with the universe far beyond words, to synchronize with nature’s time signatures… it so inspires many, to want to be just like it - elevating, illuminating, useful, of service, generous, kind, versatile, adaptable, nourishing, sustainable, regenerative, empowering, transformational, and joyfully connected

xusah clothing is a result of believing and experiencing that what we put against our skin daily is a major part of health - wearing hemp fiber is said to keep our biofield / the body’s energy field very strong, and the more healthy, happy and whole people get, the better life is! 'budsmaid' tunic collection and verse created for zoe and the cosmic sisterhood

earth roots
16.06.13 : earth roots

perfect timing for new shots of these little mu serkles washcloths, following an inspired exchange with a highly accomplished herbalist residing and providing in the appalachian mountains, bringing pristine quality 'botanical treasures for the skin and spirit' - the witch hazel tree at the edge of our woods was in full greenery as well, presenting an amazing opportunity to get a great pic of the current manifestation including this gorgeous italian 100% hemp yarn

"these two little bottles have been warming my heart and nourishing my face and spirit for the last couple of weeks and its made a much greater impact than just improving my skin" - check out this magic mamma's offerings at earth roots apothecary

rainbow tees
16.05.20 : beauty before me

one of the best parts of this process is the color - this request for a rainbow array of tunic tee's was a highly delightful experience - its an honor to fulfill these orders and to think of a person imagining their ideal, ordering it and then trusting my hands and heart to bring it into being... many thanks to this highly talented human following their bliss

hand dyed hemp yarn
16.04.25 : hand dyed hemp yarns

this maiden voyage in hand dyeing yarn was done with these dreamy italian made 100% hemp yarns in three weights - worsted, dk and sport... was quite the project and learning curve - first winding them on a knitty-noddy, then hand dyeing, setting and rinsing rinsing rinsing well... the finishing touch was a wrapper made of wildflower seed paper labelling each one of a kind color - cherry pie, citrine, seaweed, sky, violet and ultra violet... check out a video compilation making these, snagged from the live webcam - http://xusah.net/zine/mu-hq-yarn-dyeing.mp4

hemp oven mitts
16.03.27 : hot stuff

a new addition to the array! whether you are baking some vegan chocolate chip cookies, sourdough pizza, sweet potato fries or apple pies you need something to grab it and pull it out of the oven with - behold, hemp oven mitts and pot holders... these babies have an organic cotton lining and a special insulation layer to really protect from burns, as well as a little loop for hanging in your kitchen... comes with a neat little seed paper tag too!

living truth
16.02.25 : living truth

sketching out the inner journey... this timeless process of drawing forth the forward motion from the inside out is sustained with each line and curve and musing from the heart... never ceases to amaze, surprise, inspire and uplift - whatever wild waves storms or tempests pass thru the present, these are like light houses drawing one in to the safe harbor again - its ok, its cool, its all right on track, right on time, cuz in the timeless its all that way - being right on time is just syncing to that timeless field as much as possible and these are ways to see the truth of it... exquisitely hand crafted, hand bound journals by veterok

snow dome

16.01.24 : snow dome
its january and a blizzard just rolled thru, demanding plenty of snow shoveling in its aftermath... the fire is burning inside, with tea, soup and toast at the ready while developing a bunch of new projects - hand dyed hemp yarn, a new config for washcloths, pulse hemp cuffs reincarnated, drawstring bags, learning how to use the new sewing machines, working on a new website with the munch man and generally far more than can or should be attempted at any one time lol... also playing with the two little nephews, painting, building stuff, racing cars and giggling all the while to keep warm!

studio mu

studio mu

studio mu

15.12.07 : transformations inspirations revelations
settling in to the new studio after a whole lot of focus to upgrade and refine the space and tools to be healthier, more ergonomic, lower profile and higher performance... including custom hand made / home made studio furniture... all systems GO and very much enjoying the fruits of the last year of labor... many many thanks to everyone whose support made the movement possible, it is a true honor to be of service... inspiration is flowing and several fun new projects are in the works so stay tuned+++

*_* live geo-studio mu-hq viewer *_*

"The highest function of creativity is the revelation of spirit. The deeper we tap into our yearning for creative expression, free from limitations, the clearer a channel we become for the cosmic creative force to manifest. Creation is activated evolutionary spirit. Creation is redemption. Redemption is divine rescue from the transgression of meaninglessness. When art helps those in need of inspiration, it can turn suffering into purpose. Art that is made with the intention to benefit others can become a spiritual practice. Creativity born from the power of love, directly from the soul, is a Sacred Mirror, reminding beholders that each of us is holy and that the world and our universe is a sacred place." ~ Alex Gray, Net of Being

everyone is a star

15.12.05 : supernova synchrony
everyone is a star
you know how bright that you are
every star is a sign
to guide your light thru this time
to guide your life thru this time

serket.net ~ superconductive symmetry

"Just as the air is the atmosphere of the body, so time is the atmosphere of the mind. Who owns your time owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your own mind."

15.08.21 : sun flowers
a morning surprise of fresh picked home grown sunflowers from a highly talented local artist, sister and friend, following an inspired meeting to check out each others studios / work spaces! they christened the new space beautifully and were a highly enjoyed bright delight while working... things like this really are what make life so cool - its simple stuff, but deeply meaningful in moments of creative synchronization after years of earnest efforts

atlantean sunsight

15.07.23 : atlantean sunsight
connecting with the sea on a bright early morning along the atlantean coast... a quiet departure listening to the waves and birds while meditating deeply on the entirety of this experience... was a long trek from city to country and like the warp and weft of fabric the warp and weft of time and space weaves us in to an inseparable intertwining of yarns and stories to arrive right where we are... primordial stirrings and reflections, at the first sight of the solar disc

one of a kind hemp pants

15.05.13 : one of a kind
really love making one of a kind pieces, though it seems there is less time for it lately! these hand dip-dyed drawstring hemp yoga or pajama pants are on the way to their new home and are an inspiration for a new batch in the pipeline, of two-tone dip dyed hemp pants in a rainbow of colors (it can sometimes take years before ideas come into being, but at least they are there)... the merry merry month of may is in full swing, with flowers and trees blooming like crazy in the sunshine and providing ample energy to keep on making cool things to wear and share

art works

15.03.10 : art works
spent this afternoon helping a friend hang her artwork for an upcoming opening at a little vegetarian restaurant nearby called nellie rae's - a beautiful array of original pieces hung with an artful eye and careful hands to highlight and brighten the space... sipped hot tea and talked of many projects, enjoying good company and a burst of local inspiration, warming our hearts on a cold and snowy winters day... life brings us in touch in so many different ways, but the value of each connection is priceless - to walk away having learned how to be more yourself thru the mirror of an other

sourdough rye bread

15.02.25 : staff of life
along with a nice hot fire, baking bread is one of the highlights of winter... made a batch of sourdough rye bread and very much enjoyed it - soft, smooth, sweet and tasty, with a great crust and texture... this home made sourdough culture has been consistently delivering the goods for 11 years now, and it loves to be shared - grab a batch and try it out!


15.01.10 : triangulations
orange and green, on the scene... made this 3 color shirt for the yearly birth celebration / renewal sequence 3 years ago and it has served well throughout the seasons... reflecting on, how clothing carries the vibrations of a time, like the costume you wore for a particular performance, but more than just that - its something that lives with you, breathes with you, needs to get washed like you and wears down too, as all natural forms do... but its a graceful process, to be grateful for in all ways, since it is a necessity, performing a vital function that we can't do without... and threads are what hold it all together

musical wares

15.01.08 : musical wares
completing the biggest order ever for a finely tuned sister, highly accomplished musician, music teacher, earth steward, multi-cultural, cross-country service rooted truly beautiful being... a very big honor to have crossed paths, and to have had this experience - having a xusah garment worn while performing music is about the pinnacle of dreams for where these simple hand made creations could be applied... learned a great deal via this exchange, and it shows how kindred souls really do find each other, and can share that joy regardless of all the limitations of space and time... very much love to the audi-o-goddess oxo

beneath the sacred oaks

14.10.13 : beneath the sacred oaks
a most auspicious exchange, with a most honorable being... hand painted this one of a kind coat a while ago (shown on the left) and it was waiting for just the right person... was ecstatic when it went to this very remarkable woman, and the communications that ensued were magical indeed... deeply attuned to the earth and elements, the sky and cosmos, a druid priestess, astronomer and healer - a resonant human in all ways... very grateful for the beautiful opportunity to connect... our nature and tree spirit talks inspired the making of this one of a kind hand dyed hooded shirt (pictured on the right, also beneath a sacred oak)


14.07.14 : reflections... poetess piercing earth and sky
things you adorn yourself with, in moments of strength, courage, inspiration and transcendence... the 3/4 sleeve scoop neck top pictured is made of a silky soft 100% organic bamboo fabric and was hand cut and sewn by me, beautifully hand dyed by diana, hand painted by me and finally named 'poetess piercing earth and sky' by diana... its a treasure, a crystal formed in an exchange of creative energies years ago that still resonates brightly, representing a high point and leading the way to the next one, as any good piece of art will and should do... my mentor in the art of hand dyeing : dyedianadye.com

cutting room

14.06.14 : cutting room
good day for a photo shoot of the studio in its current state - measuring / cutting / ironing / weighing (for dyeing and shipping) / dyeing / folding / packing is all done here in the top center of the dome... been working to get the setup more ergonomic - making clothing seems low key but its actually a LOT of work (especially when you do it all yourself) and takes a decent amount of elbow grease (with lots of yoga afterward)... music, mudras, art, plant life and mount kailash help to keep a good vibe while working

tank tops

14.06.09 : get set for summer
summer collection for noemi - 1 triangle tank, 1 high neck tank and 2 regular tank tops in sage / avocado, fig, sea glass, and yucca... a super fun order from one sweet and highly supportive sister!

orange cream

14.05.21 : orange cream
made this new top from a super lightweight hemp and organic cotton jersey - 'tissue weight' they call it... extremely comfortable with a baby soft hand... hand dyed it using the low water immersion technique and a semi tie-dye in bright orange and love how it came out - look for more of this style soon in a rainbow of colors

first star

14.05.04 : first star
an inspired night for painting after connecting with some local ladies (discussions on tapping in and contributing to the eternal artistic continuum), while live music plays from the music studio and a mellow vibe takes us into the wee hours... first time trying out a hand painted screen, to experiment with some screen printing - its definitely not as easy as it seems to get it just right!


14.04.27 : pillows
made some new pillow covers from a stash of really nice lightweight organic cotton canvas - it was made in india and came in a bunch of colors, gorgeous stuff... sadly the manufacturer discontinued it but it made a lot of nice pants and a now a comfy rainbow addition to the pac dome - a great spot for meditation, yoga, chilling out in an empty space, and enjoying the view

sun dress

14.04.18 : sun dress
special order for a fellow eco-babe heralding hemp in the UK... 100% biodegradable sustainable sun dress, low impact hand dyed in a spontaneous blend of khaki, rust, cacao, and bark... absolutely one of a kind! low water immersion is a technique that uses very little water and dye, nothing else - its a great way to make the low impact aspect of hand dyeing even lower and produces some beautiful, completely unique effects

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