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hand made hand dyed hemp and organic cotton clothing

xusah boutique clothing
casual earth friendly garments created from fabrics made of sustainable, organic and fair trade hemp and cotton fibers... hand made, hand dyed, hand painted - bespoke, custom-made items for fine tuned humans... the approach to construction draws upon the processes of making art or playing improvisational music - beautiful earthy fabrics become handmade wearable works, intended to inspire and built to last... gear made to live through many bright moments with you - to blend into the scene like the perfect costume in an inspired performance, of whatever you do and whoever you are

this assembly of simple shapes to cover and protect the human form is organized in three sections: archetypes (any design custom made to your size, fit preference, and color), incidence (one of a kind pieces in various sizes), and duplicates (ready made copies of archetypes in various sizes)... each section contains a selection of staples: underwear, shirts, pants, dresses, tunics, over clothes, and accessories... the focus is on items that do not loose their appeal – basic, classic, archetypal tried-and-true simple designs – unique renderings of timeless, functional forms to fit the human frame – not subject to trends, or even fashion, they are comfortable, healthy, modest, durable, while still being cool, stylish, graceful and unique… they span the yin yang spectrum of women / men, warm / cool, tight / loose, long / short to fulfill many needs

most designs are the result of searching for ethical, modest, functional yet graceful natural clothing and rarely finding exactly what i was looking for, as well as requests from people looking for the same thing - genuine articles fit to live in... a whole lot of heart and soul goes into each piece and with gratitude for being able to produce and offer something unique... new designs will be added frequently so please stay tuned, and if you have a request for something special you'd like to have made feel free to connect

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clothing | art | studio | light | source