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art projects + collaborations

in addition to the custom work that is done almost daily, and amongst many other tasks, some very cool art and collaborative projects have flowed into manifestation along the Way - a unique expression of interconnections between fellow beings truly being themselves - these integral exchanges have a different pace to them, like a painting or piece of music developing - and what is produced in that space, that is consciously created to create in, is just, cool..... here are some samples so far

bagua ark yome

bagua ark yome - north carolina / pennsylvania

cosmic futon

cosmic futon / aquarius rising water bed - new jersey / massachusetts / pennsylvania

daoist vestment

daoist vestment - new york / china / new mexico

anahata heartwood hood

anahata heart chakra hoody - pennsylvania

the woodland mage

the woodland mage / jedi hoody - arkansas

neith weaves

neith weaves - pennsylvania oregon france

beatnik pants

beatnik pants - pennsylvania california

clothing | art | studio | light | source