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cosmic futon


the cosmic futon / aquarius rising water bed

been sleeping on white lotus futons for pretty much my entire life - it all began out of the whole earth center in princeton new jersey, one of the coolest health food stores that ever existed.... it was the early 80's and there were many a fond memory made in this little spot - there were a few large rocks out front which we could climb on, on the way in and the way out - as you walked in the cool glass door holistic literature for local events and services was offered, while the beautifully natural scent of pure ayurvedic incence and organic body care welcomed you as you entered the main store from the little hall

this store was the pinacle for its day - a bakery and kitchen with an array of vegetarian delights made fresh, glorious scents filled the air as you rounded the corner, of fresh baked breads, rolls and treats - the counter top held the magic spinach pies - a triangle of whole wheat pastry enclosing an inside full of mild yet delectably seasoned cooked spinach and tofu...... there were rows of 5 gallon bulk bins, of heavy dark brown ceramic crocks angled on wooden shelves, with wooden lids and metal scoops for pouring all kinds of awesome tasty things into paper bags, from sesame sticks to nuts and seeds... it was all glass jars, fabric and paper bags, no plastic, local as can be... there was the snack aisle with the few chips of the time - dr. bronner's chips, barbara's potato chips, eden sea vegetable and wasabi chips that we loved to be brave with and see who could eat the darkest hottest one as the wasabi zinged strait up your nose... there was nut butter heaven - a bulk station including huge 5 gallon buckets of almond butter - we'd bring our reused glass jars and spoon it into them, along with epic fresh peanut butter... and as you went to the checkout, the few gentle goodies of the time were there beckoning - natural nectars, panda licorice, and the most beloved of all treats - golden temple's wah guru chews....... holding these bits of gold in our little hands, we'd munch these divine sweet wholesome treats with reverence and glee while sitting on one of the huge rocks, and eyeing the unusual elements in the window of chinese store where we'd get our chop sticks and asian specialties across the way

adding to the local fun, inspiration and education, my dad (a musician) and had a very cool record store on the same street for a little while - the whole earth, white lotus and nassau street jazz were all on nassau street... it was part of a very rich organic environment for growing up in and made extremely bright impressions on a developing young being

white lotus launched from this humble holistic hub, and then stationed in a very small space not far from there... i can remember walking the stairs to this new little spot with warm hearted women inside, to order our first futons with my mother... the scent of a white lotus futon is burned into memory - each one heralding a new era with its earthy cotton aroma... as we grew, it grew, and it continued to provide a healthy sleeping environment and experience to our family thru a whole lifetime... our lifestyle was centered in health, so this was a perfect compliment - i've slept on the floor, on a white lotus futon almost every day of my life

the yome required better use of space, and as the walls are canvas you can't fold and prop a futon against them, so with the addition of a new futon came a convertible bed frame / futon couch too, and this setup has served extremely well over the course of this year... the frame is made of ash wood, by bedworks in massachusetts, with gorgeous texture and grain throughout, meticulous construction and craftsmanship, and a fantastic design that is easy to use each day... its become the centerpiece of the yome with its deep blues against the bright wood

the futon cover and sheets are organic cotton, and were also made by white lotus... i began with twirling them around to make spirals and then tying them off, then placed them in various buckets and bins to add the dyes - 7 different shades of blue... i also dyed 3 organic cotton blankets i'd collected over the years, giving them a bit of an upgrade... these all got washed well in the washing machine (they weighed a TON when wet!) and boy was i stoked with the finished results... the futon cover got re-dyed to make the blues even deeper so it looked more spacey

after dyeing, i began painting the stars on the futon cover with white fabric paint, one by one... it took quite a while and was a cool meditation thru the last cold wave of winter going into spring... and then after 6 months it was done! while the futon cover was cosmic and space-centered the sheets were a more watery flow - spirals and streams of the water of life for sound sleeping with all this organic goodness

the sheets are organic cotton, also from white lotus home... the large blanket is organic cotton, and i can't remember who made it... the small blanket likewise... as organic cotton is more expensive (especially years ago) i've been collecting these pieces over the years to put this all together... the pillows are filled with kapok and are also from white lotus home

* full gallery coming soon *

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