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graphic arts, design + digital photography

artistic disciplines
visual communication / fine art / graphic art and design (27 years - drawing [pencil, pen and ink, color pencil, pastel], painting [acrylic, watercolor, air brush, fabric paint], and collage - in both physical [brushes, canvas, etc.] and digital [mouse, track point, light pen, touch pad] forms), adobe photoshop (19 years - versions 3.0 to CS6), a multitude of other digital art programs (freeware and proprietary, on amiga sgi pc and mac platforms, 1986 - the present), digital photography (15 years - fine art and production), web design / html authoring (19 years), video production (21 years - camera work / digital cinematography, live mixing / switching, recording, editing, mastering, broadcasting - on amiga, sgi, pc and mac platforms and in vhs, 8mm, hi8, digital tape, and non-linear formats), cd (since 1991) / dvd (since 2004) design and production, printing / matting / framing (since 2004)

have been immersed in these activities for around 2 decades - works range from highly esoteric espressions to basic informational devices, each unique and an adventure in the ancient, futuristic, and eternal art of communication more than anything else... hard copies and tangible artifacts will be made available as time waves permit, please stay tuned for more

to explore a sampling of works, visit serket.net

x u s a h ( z o o - s a h )
...life long vegetarian and dedicated earth lover, actively involved in advocation, education, application, and a continued research and development of sustainable lifestyles - staunch supporter of hemp and organic cotton, wearing (almost exclusively) and making artistic eco clothing since 1993 - two decades later, the countless benefits and global importance of growing organic has become relatively common knowledge, with a network of integrity based, whole earth minded individuals making valuable resources and information available to anyone seeking it... have been creating unique clothing from organic and recycled natural fibers, and distributing them both locally and online to a global audience since 1996... everything involved - from the production of raw materials to telecommunications - has come a long long way through a whole lot of dedication and effort - gratitude is vast, and respect is great, for all innovators, participators, and supporters of truly ethical exchange - past, present, and future

...artist - when not sewing or making things, will be found painting with electricity, mixing video, playing music and communicating altruistic essence thru artistic expression, working in the garden, tweeking a myriad of eco projects, making and sharing organic food, doing yoga, studying sacred disciplines, tuning in to Source, being of service in as many ways possible, and constantly learning from this truly magical universe... "been being creative since being created - one serket in a system of genetic communication / absolutely live indie original music art video publishing programming performance oriented humble hand made home birthed un-schooled autodidactic synergetic geodesic dome head code head tek head veg head family band of digital knomads / pure researchers of post-historic lifestyles / anticipatory design scientists / prototypes for spontaneously co-operative networked collectives organically grown sewn served and synthesized in this unified field that is everything and everybody - One way - or another"

thanks for tuning in+++

clothing | art | studio | light | source