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the mage

5.19 the woodland mage

preparing to complete the final stitchings on this amazing hoody - the most complex garment i ever created, in collaboration with another artist's vision and design... 100% hemp outer layer and banding, 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton inner fleece layer, 100% organic cotton thread, two-tone hand dyed, stainless steel snaps and a high zoot riri zipper were the ingredients for this badass hemp jacket - more on this project coming soon to the art section

punakai project

5.17.2019 felling

a big day... these giant ash trees were mere feet from the yome and as the canopy filled in were clearly dead from the emerald ash borers... looming over everything, they were finally felled by two of the coolest dudes in these parts, masterful work that bordered on magic, with a massive cache of firewood as a result... upon completion, we all sat together and honored the trees with highest reverence for their being, energy and abundance, in whatever form

punakai project

5.13.2019 angel i'o

the i'o's have landed... after a long journey from the big island, across an ocean and a continent to this little woodland nest... these beautiful birds struck a chord via the story told by these island spirits who honor their feathered frequencies thru art and communication.... the details of this very cool and very cosmic collaboration / project will be added to the art section soon! in the meantime, check out punakai for more


5.9.2019 changes

highly transformational moments, on deep green days... one of the keys to seeking is knowing when you've found what you were looking for... it can take quite a duration before you find it / it finds you - many iterations / variations / experimentations, whose stormy cycles can sometimes cloud the clarity of the original quest for periods - but like the sun illuminating everything or perfect tuning, when it hits it, it really hits it and you know with your entire being... you get to the end of one path, only to find the next opening up wide and inviting and asking you to play... saying ready or not, here i come

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5.5.2019 a very good morning

further exercises in spontaneity - random greeting on a rainy sunday morning from somewhere on earth.... just for the fun of it.. seeing what comes thru when there isn't any thinking involved, and seriously considering singing everything from now on instead of talking.... as well as getting back into my video gear after a long strange hi8us... a not so random and not so tiny tour of this neat little space is slated however, and coming soon! ;)

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5.5.2019 there comes a time

one a.m. on a rainy saturday nite / sunday morning... was inspired to try something that's new and unknown, which took a while to work up to - new tools, new technique, and a little nervousness because there wasn't really an option to mess up... this song came along while in the process, a kind of motivational hymn, so work was paused for a few minutes to record it... after months of hemming and hawing, the time came to finally just do it... and it got done, pretty nicely too... along with some symbolic signalling of several other movements, as taurus continues to be a run of catching all the green lights... started this year making totally spontaneous videos of simple songs nearly every day here in the yome, as i am usually singing or humming while working or doing whatever anyway - and have kept it going and growing, like collecting sound seeds for sowing in the spring... so this was todays tune, and it feels like the time has come to share one.. and maybe inspire another leap somewhere along the way

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5.4.2019 beings

working most of the day and after finishing the last stitch went strait out the door to be with all these beings.......... the wood thrush's songs highlighting all the other birds like a supremely honed band - a gray sky to highlight the layers of green that are filling in so fast... a moist scene - not wet but lush and extremely inviting... played along with the birds for a while - listening and learning... a meditative contemplative presence - not finding any words at all to remotely describe it or even any thoughts... and then reflecting on what it is, that inspires us to attempt capturing moments like these, to communicate them - grab the camera, catch the light, reflect it ahead... the moment is completely sufficient, yet i find myself with this device in my hand yet again, which has been the case for most of my life... it is a very natural flow so i go with it... on a little walk... visiting may apples, blood root, hog peanut, sassafras, oak, maple, beech, tulip etc etc - wondering why too this need to know everyone's name, i appreciate their identification but honor and pay attention / tune in to their actual being... they communicate very clearly in response to this awareness too - without any words or names or separation at all... just being, all together... and it sure was wonderful just being, along with them this afternoon

the cut

4.30.2019 returning

know the strength of man
but keep a woman's care!
be the stream of the universe
being the stream of the universe
ever true and unswerving
become as a little child once more

know the white
but keep the black!
be an example to the world!
being an example to the world
ever true and unwavering
return to the infinite

know honor
yet keep humility
be the valley of the universe!
being the valley of the universe
ever true and resourceful
return to the state of the uncarved block

when the block is carved, it becomes useful
when the sage uses it, he becomes the ruler
thus, "a great tailor cuts little"

- tao te ching

peppermint chi

4.27.2019 peppermint chi

a spontaneous guitar tune which arrived with my new blue suede oval guitar cable and this little plant - peppermint-chi.mp3 is so cool

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4.20.2019 green light

catching some late day sun beams as it illuminates all the fresh young leaves, unfurling ferns and flowers and each layer of the space from the tops of the tallest trees above to the soft moss and lichen below..... nature's humming along with birds, frogs and bugs starting to buzz... the crackle of leaves with tiny creatures moving about and the sound of water soaking in to the soil... a mellow breeze... its a little noisy too, a saturday with plenty of humans zooming around... but i'm just enjoying its holographic perfection and loving it all, unconditionally - we each end up where we are for a reason.... in one way, its spring again, its the same space, i'm the same person, but its a completely different space and i'm a completely different person than we were this time last year... something is syncing up at a new level in this vibrance... with the earth, with the heavens, with the elders and ancestors of the tribe, to carry the torch in this cosmic continuum - like getting the green light for things that have been dormant to fully emerge... cuz they are, literally, right before my eyes... a humble star seed happy to be planted on this planet, on this land - as committed to its care taking as it has been to taking care of me - just here breathing and growing along side of all the other life forms and spirits in this beautiful spring scene

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