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11.12.2019 fire breathing dragon

watching the fire watching the wood.. this piece with its knot seemed to form the face of a dragon.... the knot is the eye and the breath of fire it is breathing as do i from time to time to time. . . what does it all mean the words within words to the meanings within meanings.. kundalini rising aquarius rising sun rising moon rising up and down and in and out as these lungs breathe in the air to stoke the fire within which heats the water of life so we can live on this earth - mother of birth - to such things as stars - we are all star lights - serpents in the sky - a fire breathing dragon that is looking in my eye - teaching me some lessons on the slaying of ones fears to emerge from the cave triumphant on the level and in the clear.. . . these knots burn hard - compact and concentrated like a whole tree compressed in one spot - they push the wood splitter to its threshold and at times wont even budge - but it burns hot and strong.. . these knots in life - tough nuts tough lessons - provide fine fuel for transformation if one utilizes them wisely

the moon of the falling leaves

11.11.2019 moon light

it calls me to come out and play to bask in the glow to be imbued with its essence and i go forth reverently towards it...... listening, i am not alone out here nor would i want to be, this essence is all around in so many forms - the variance of vibration in endless manifestation...... leaves rustle, the four legged ones walk slowly and the tiny creatures of the night are alight with this moon glow.. the last few brave crickets chirp in the fading warmth, the leaves have all fallen, the first fires have been burned, we've prepared and are settling in for the winter wave as has been done countless seasons and cycles before.. the beauty and truth of being is in the being itself not the form but that which animates it to life - a true miracle, blessing, mystery, song line and poem of the presence being present, fully, right now, which, i am

the moon of the falling leaves

11.10.2019 radiant beings

first fires.. . bowing before it for the privilege of being alive, hearing echoes of times past around its warmth in whatever way.. . how ever it comes to be, still here i sit before it to keep warm and weather the storm, whatever form it takes, still here i sit before it to keep centered and calm in its radiance and heat.. . the heart of the home space, the fire of life, the flame that ignites us to shine our light bright

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clothing | art | studio | light | source