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1.14 2019 ~ voices of nature

a big day... celebrating the 17th solar return of serket sumati and welcoming a new musical friend ~ eastern red cedar and walnut, meet mahogany ~ some seriously beautiful tree voices / resonant beings singing from the soul and heralding the arrival of a fresh new creative cycle with their good vibrations

drawstring hem hemp hoody

1.13 2019 ~ double drawstrings

drawstring hem hemp hoody upgrade rockin the universe - in pumpkin - soooooo comfy and warm i don't want to wear anything else... the drawstring on the bottom hem (thanks mw!) keeps things nice and toasty thru these capricorn cold blasts - i am totally hooked


1.11 2019 ~ dye spot

preparing to dye... spend a lot of time where the water is..... it facilitates well, being connected to the well and drawing from it in this high tech modern way... but the respect is as deep as the water, for the blessing of its abundance... i'm always saying or singing prayers and mantras while dyeing things, for the water, the wearer, for the earth and the fibers - measuring, mixing, pouring, stirring, wringing, washing - and maintain a meditative state overall even with it being a very labor intensive activity, to imbue each piece with a spirit of service and love... it takes a lot of strength and patience to hand dye solid colors well, but it sure is rewarding... a moment in the mirror while reflecting on these kinds of things and feeling very grateful to be here now

titanium hoody

1.4 2019 ~ meta forest hoody

a month of many hoodies.... as folks seek out sources of warmth in the cold - hoods, pockets, soft weighty fabrics and extra layers... two were for a couple of real cool guys - one in titanium for a fine flute maker / player in trade for a beautiful flute, and one in bark for a maker / guitar player / crystal grower... always an honor to adorn a fellow artist with something made by my two hands, heart and soul with the spirit of this meta forest woven into the fibers

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clothing | art | studio | light | source