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futura, hiawatha, hemp + experimentationz

3.13.2019 futura, hiawatha, hemp + experimentationz

dance for me on the head of a pin... vintage graffiti god, vintage sewing gauge, the summit of all zippers and composing one reeeeal cool piece of hemp gear

one nice afternoon

3.4.2019 a nice afternoon

all lit up with bright sun and beautiful settings for creative flows of all kinds... be they with pencils or flutes or strings its alllll good and evokes the highest level of gratitude for the opportunity and honor to explore their many dimensions

the twilight zone

the twilight zone

the twilight zone

2.28.2019 the twilight zone

enjoying some spectacular deep winter colors in the cold twilight... the yome satellite, the dome mother ship, and the beloved witch tree... post lite snow, pre heating up and presently completely awed to be alive on this last day of feb

mage drafting

2.25.2019 mage drafting

drafting patterns diy style - figuring out the frequencies of this new adventure in making / co-creation with a fellow maker, peaceful warrior, artist, magician, musician

turquoise and saffron

2.23.2019 turquoise and saffron

oh bright colors how i do love thee..... some turquoise and saffron on the palette tonight... what joy to color these plant fibers with the rainbow

sow it plum

2.20.2019 sow it

silver seed...... making big creative messes and experimenting with ink...... sow it screen print on a plum extra long sleeve boatneck shirt... niiiiiiice


2.19.2019 a game of tag

made a new batch of garment tags with a hand carved rosewood indian wood block stamp, some real top notch fabric paint and this silky 100% hemp linen

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clothing | art | studio | light | source