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cutting thru

7.17.2019 cutting thru

observations of the form - stiff and sore with pains in this and that, fatigued from this particular obstacle course, here and there i am black and blue, but never the less i'm cutting thru - tai chi scissors in my tired but strong right hand - in action - aches and all - as the form, like a well used tool gets a little more worn out each day - but that's what tools are for, to be put to good use... its a big big breakthru post full buck moon, past what binds to old tired worn out notions - our physical forms can teach us the reality of thought forms - thoughts aren't substance but move the matter around - the body reflects them - so no longer laboring under tired worn out old notions sure lightens the load and clears the field - being ok with who you are right now - letting go of what you think you lack to just kick back and appreciate what's there - what is - without any self consciousness - it was something along these lines... the female frequency has a lot of real worn out old notions, expectations, interpretations that need retiring, while pure supreme yin is accessible as ever, as part of this integral essence that is completely whole in and of itself..... and that....... is really where its at

'perfect grace consists not in exterior ornamentation of the substance, but in the simple fitness of its form'

many benefits to working from home / yome / dome, despite the many and varied challenges - like being able to go to work in a swim suit (organic cotton hand made in bali yo - and no there's no pool no beach no vaca just work daze but i do consider myself a life guard of the land) when its hot as all get the freak out and you are dripping sweat while ironing.. something of this moment reminded me of running around in the knee high second hand red wonder woman boots i had when i was 6 - i genuinely felt like a super hero, in its most virtuous and innocent context, which is really just feeling your truest integrity and potential as a human being - fearlessly radiating the bright spark you truly are, naturally.... as the saying goes - serve and empower - create and contribute - focus and distribute - may there be major breakthrus all around, thru this hot night of the soul

stay cool

southern sync up

7.13.2019 southern sync up

enjoyed a fun visit with this fine gentleman this afternoon - picking up a custom shirt he'd ordered while in PA, up from Tennessee! an avid gardener, nature lover, kindred spirit and very genuine human being, in the last few years its been a cool exchange via these here hemp clothes... he left one of the kindest reviews i ever received too ~

"This shirt is soooooo nice that I'm a little reluctant to use it for its original purpose (working outside in the garden). I'd like to keep it for special occasions, like maybe meeting with the Dalai Lama. It makes me feel spiritual and centered when I put it on. Honestly, it's just a beautiful garment. Thank you for making it and for offering eco-friendly clothing options!! :)"

was pretty awesome to actually hand someone their hand made garment, rather than pack and ship it! and to be honored with their company on a beautiful summer's day

summer landscapes and fox sightings

7.5.2019 summer landscapes and fox sightings

despite the intensity of the sun, the plant life has maintained its vibrance with a consistent flow of thunderstorms and cooling rains... many leaves are larger than usual this year (the shagbark hickory, red oak and tulips are huge!) and overall everything is highly prolific in its being... getting into the heart of the hot season, with an abundance of dragonflies, damselflies, lightning bugs, birds, a sweet little brown rabbit that greets me each morning and a mystical fox encounter to signal a significant shift in the flow, as i grow with all these forest friends

100% hemp bandana

6.29.2019 100% hemp bandana

hemp bandanas / handkerchiefs were in the works for quite a while, and finally came into being with these early summer vibes... check them out *here*! snapped a few quick pix while enjoying a little pre-thunderstorm flute play - as its hempen goodness protected my head from the blazing hot sun

wild black raspberries

6.27.2019 wild style

the woods are particularly lush, green, vibrant and fractal this summer... everything is growing and thriving and full of surprises... while taking pictures of some clothes, i turned around to noticed a bunch of wild black raspberries ripe for the picking, and sincerely enjoyed their deep sun warmed juicy flavor... they were sparse in years past but this season they've really matured and are offering some very fine fruits... the wild day lilies popped out at the same time too, with a splash of orange to color the scene

cami soul

6.22.2019 returning part 2

finally getting to some things it seems like i've been working to get to for ages... a return that's been a long time coming... "returning has another meaning: returning to your own path. the process of 'finding ourselves' comes through a succession of repeated ventures outward and back. that is how we find our paths and our limits. without returning, we do not find our way. returning is not easy. each of us is a tangled combination of spiritual seeker and sinner. we will have moments when we lose our touch. but no matter how often we lose our balance, we must return. this hexagram reminds us that we all make mistakes and have regrets. the secret is to return often to your own Tao. don't dwell on any one point. stay with the turning." - the living i-ching

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