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11.29 2019 the courage to be human

a beloved book as a kid - 'oh what a busy day' by gyo fujikawa - beautifully illustrating children enjoying busying themselves with simple activities, in wonder and delight - comes into the conscious field on a cold night by the hot fire as i retire from a long day of doings.. . connecting with bright humans, reflecting light and life, here to serve in whatever way, each unique soul path does say...... the list of what there is awaiting attention floats thru this sky of awareness like many clouds.. which one will rain today, which provide shade, which ones will merge thru the movements we've made.. . here humming, after stretches qi gong some dance, to balance out the structured with some free flow and expanse.. . a cloud floats by, something i really have to get done.. and i start to sing while reclining as i wonder when will i get it done, maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, maybe today, maybe today.. this play.. we call.. the way.. we stay.. alive.. thrive.. strive.. not to strive.. the courage to be human and asking nothing more, just taking the opportunity to open up the door, which leads directly inward and guides through-out our days, to so many wonderous places in so many wonderous ways........ the magic which opens up with it is beyond all description.. just letting go and being and that's it will get u there.. 'doing nothing, yet nothing is left undone'... some musings between breathings abstracted as 'today' and 'tomorrow' ,, by way of electricity, light, telepathic communications.. i forgot what i really had to get done, but did this instead, so whatever it was can wait til tomorrow.. and i always intend to make polished versions of melodies and songs tomorrow, but its just this today

hail ye sun in sagittarius and moon in pisces, for providing the good vibes

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clothing | art | studio | light | source