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self referred - metabolic magic acts

self referral - a sense of rhythm - are synchronistically linked
sorting and sensing sequences for harmonic tones
trusting within with no sway from without
being at one - at peace - at home - at heart
without fear of feeling at ease
within our own being
no lack nothing missing - whole
fully performing our part
in this play of life
our stories ever echo back the truth
the hero the heroine the good guy
always lives
on the higher frequencies this is clearly felt
on sensory and extra sensory levels
a story of one
at times felt scared
at times felt intimidated
at times felt confused
at times felt complete
at times felt confidence
at times felt secure
and as the movie plays - the scenes change - the plot thickens
like tones the harmonic convergence of all these times
felt by all
creates a frequency - a field - as in fertile ground to seed the future
as in a force of vibration energy sound
to also seed the future
patterns and cycles sync
felt as coherence - amongst all frequencies
and there are very very many - far beyond the scope of statistics
yet felt and experienced directly
as our breathing in and out
as good timing based on faith in good times
as good feelings based on upholding our integrity - our center - our very being
as if our life depended on it
because it does
the more self referred one is - intentionally creating alternative routes
in the mapped areas - in order to go beyond them into new frontiers
which are ever available to all brave souls
who dare to dream imagine intuit inspire
who know what it means to insure that this fire
is lit and legit - the guide light to life
the practices we fit
into the flow - as we balance the poles
the patterns and cycles of collective concerns
the rhythms and tones of a spirit that yearns
to grow and to learn how to be more in tune
with all of these frequencies
at one - as one
calling forth consonance from all - invoking synthesis and synchrony
putting it into practice - in disciplines expressed
which evoke inspiration
from those they’ve impressed
all a part of a cosmic meta-bolic process - of nourishment - digestion - energy
the more self referred one is the more this amplifies - metabolism speeds up
into an ever exciting epiphany
that expands the parameters
of the creative exchange
between every one and all that is
it feels good
it sounds good
it looks good
it tastes good
it smells good
it is good
to be alive right now


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