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inward / directional guidance - virtue and vision

the louder the outside gets
the more inward must we go
and go we must
to a still center
of serenity
by ceaseless movement
the outward grows louder
to indicate the necessity to go inward
so each must take that responsibility
to have a light heart
amidst all seeming darkness
to have a whole heart
amidst all divisiveness
to have a strong heart
amidst all weakness
a strength that comes only from within
that each must exercise
at their own accord
trust in the movements, rhythms, sequences, cycles of life
our expression in form, our music and words, our changes
interwoven with
the expression in form, the music and words, the changes
the personal
interwoven with
the impersonal
to achieve realization
of a whole
in each part that composes it
as creation itself

R COOL ARMADA - the alter natives... // very necessary (aut-aum EQuino-X 2005)

its very necessary we do this - over ride ring side - res-on-ating an answer thats no longer attached to a problem - a question - a quest to find something out - produces the wisdom to know and recognize solution - as a lucid process to embody not postulate - no theory can stand to the fact you live out - direction is the objective - the objective is direction - direction is guidance gracefully experienced and gratefully embraced - and out is the demonstration of competence in living in harmony and in balance with the rest of creation - acting out is the only way to verify that its happening within

being centered centers - being calm calms - being focused focuses - being at peace pieces the peaces together - into something that sings a different tune than whats been songed all a-long..... longed all a-long... not a later next year tomorrow after a while dont touch that dial - but a strait away right here today - we've got networks to tend to and music to play

in what ways - have you - exhibited - the vibration - that unifies - loves - and serves - all creation

go in to go in

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