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crazy bowl

radiant being - the light within

today we see the sun tomorrow we see the sun yesterday we saw the sun shine even when the clouds fly by - indirect like moments of deeper internal reflection intro-spection - eyes closed meditating on the moment and where its going in its e-motive power

but the suns still there behind the clouds beyond the mood before us every day to shine the way… we are radiant beings with the sun inside radiating the light outward as we appear to all otherness

the heart the lungs the organic organs of our organism all enclosed within this citadel of cells this biological magic act this composition of consciousness we experience as living… these systems within dwell in darkness under the skin - requiring light to activate the form fully - the photonic propulsion system that is plant life fueling movement communication inspiration - we consume the light thru the plants so the sun may light us from within - a biological extra-terrestrial influx of energy to ignite and empower our forward direction

appreciating the beauty of a beam of light inspires being a beam of light - radiant beings lumin8ing in all directions

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clothing | art | studio | light | source