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rose colored glasses

2.13.2020 rose colored glasses

reflecting deeply on the very good things in life... with the arrival of a new instrument, a fun afternoon with two cool little dudes, finally completing some very long term endeavors and feeling at peace amidst some major shiftings... walked out to this beautiful rose pink sky and it made me smile with its perfect symbolism of serenity

hemp tags

1.29.2020 presenting

hemp cards for hemp clothes... and the new 2020 dye chart! it may not seem like much, but this simple spectrum and these tags took many years to negotiate and bring into being.... heralding a new era and a fresh start into this high adventure of 2020.. 36 artisan hand dyed colors, hemp paper tags, tied with hand dyed 100% hemp yarn.... with a hand drawn design front and back, hand hole-punched, hand tied, hand signed and dated... each expression is unique, special, as the person receiving it, and i aim to celebrate that with every single exchange, to inspire with this attire made of timeless earthly fibers

pisces . aquarius

clothing | art | studio | light | source