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cedar smudge sticks


while this wasn't quite a major art project, making these cedar smudges was still a meaningful creative collaboration with nature... when the ash trees came down a few smaller cedars went down with them, at their spring prime with lots of fresh green... weeks before i'd been wanting to snip some fresh cuttings for smudges and was eyeing the various trees that would be good candidates for a trim, but none seemed to be resonating a readiness... then in the felling processes in one of the areas with the most ash trees these cedars were unavoidably clobbered... so to honor their beings and with the resonance vibrating full blast i grabbed the clippers and started collecting greenery... it smelled so awesome, and even tho they were small trees their wood as well will not go unused... i bundled the cuttings and wrapped them with hemp twine in the sunshine on a very beautiful day, engaging in something i'd wanted to do for a long time and it was totally wonderful... they dried fairly quick and i've been enjoying their gorgeous gentle fragrance very much

clothing | art | studio | light | source